Navigate to the Closings tab.

Investors will all be listed in the investor table

Select the investor(s) you would like to send subscription agreements to:

Select Send to investor.

You will be prompted to select the countersignature(s) for the subscription agreement. If you don’t see the countersigner, select Add a collaborator and follow the instructions in the Access Control section.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the countersigner is set it cannot be changed for the investor(s).

You will have the option to include a message for the investor. This message will appear in the email they receive from Passthrough with the link to the closing you invited them to.

Select Next: Review when ready to send.

The review screen shows

  1. The countersigner(s)

  2. The message that will be included in the body of the email the investor receives

  3. The list of documents the investor(s) will receive

  4. The list of investors who will subscribe documents will be sent to

Select Send to distribute the subscription agreements.

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