Once the investor executes their subscription agreement, the administrators will be notified via auto-generated email from notification@passthrough.com. Please see below email example. Select the View icon to be directed to the fund closing on Passthrough.

To review the investor's subscription agreement, select Review next to the specific investor name.

The review screen shows each individual question along with the investor's corresponding response. To add a question or comment for the investor, select the drop down arrow on a specific question, enter the note in the text box, and select Save. You can add as many notes as needed. The note will appear in a block above the question when the investor is updating their subscription questionnaire.

Once the document has been reviewed and any necessary notes/comments added, you can select Request changes to submit the document back to the investor for their updates.

In the Request Changes model you have the option to add a message for the investor. Once you select Send the investor will be sent an email asking to provide additional information with your message in the body of the email.

The investor will receive an email from notification@passthrough.com with a link to the portal for their review and updates. Please see below email example.

Once the investor’s subscription questionnaire is in good order, select the investor's name in the investor table under the Closings tab and then select Approve to move the investor to approved status.

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