Once a subscription agreement is approved, you can send the subscription document to the countersigner(s) in Passthrough. Once countersigned, the documents will become fully executed.

PLEASE NOTE: The investor must be in "Approved" status:

First, select the investor(s) you would like to send to the countersigner. Multiple investors can be selected at once to send to countersigner in bulk.

The edit panel will appear on the right hand side. Select Send to countersigner in the right menu.

While some fund managers can countersign documents and admit investors anytime, countersigning without your lawyer’s involvement or review can create headaches for legal and fund admin teams. Before you countersign, a confirmation box will appear to ensure you want to proceed.

Click OK when ready to proceed and send to countersigner.

The countersigner will receive an email from Passthrough (notification@passthrough.com) notifying them to sign and execute the agreement. The View & Countersign button in the email will direct them to the signing page in Passthrough.

The countersigner will also have an alert like the below when they are in the Passthrough portal.

Select the Sign button in green to countersign the respective documents.

The countersigner will be prompted to sign directly in-app using the electronic signature tool, HelloSign. Passthrough will take the countersigner directly to the signature boxes required.

Once the subscription document is countersigned, the investor's account will become Fully Executed.

The investor will be notified and receive an email from Passthrough with links to view & download their completed / fully executed documents.

Please note: If an investor chose to sign offline and outside of Passthrough, then countersignatures will also need to take place outside of the Passthrough app. The offline-completed documents can then be uploaded to the portal by referring to the instructions here.

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