Side letters can be added by administrators to an investor's account in a fund closing once their subscription is fully executed.

To add a side letter to an investor's account, first navigate to the Closings tab and choose the appropriate fund closing.

Select / check the appropriate investor from the fund closing's investor table.

Select Add side letter from the right side menu.

Choose the side letter document from the dropdown menu to add to the investor's account. Then select Add to save.

If the side letter needed is not available in the dropdown menu, select Add a side letter in blue.

This will bring you to the Side letters tab. Select +Add side letter to add a new document for the investor.

To add a new side letter:

  1. Name the investor's side letter accordingly.

  2. Drag & drop or search on your computer for the file to upload.

  3. Check Require Signature if necessary.

    1. If checked, a signature page will be automatically appended to this document and investors will be required to sign it in addition to the Subscription Document.

  4. If Require Signature is selected, then you will have the option to also select Require Countersignature.

Now go back to the Closings tab, select the fund closing, select the investor, select Add a Side Letter, and the newly uploaded document should be available in the dropdown menu. Select accordingly and hit Create.

Once added, you will see the side letter noted next to the investor's name under the Side Letters column on the investor table.

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